McFIT Formula For Lifelong Fitness

MCFIT is an acronym representing moderation, consistency, frequency, intensity, and time. Each of these elements contributes to making you fit or making you quit your exercise habit.

MODERATION is important to lifelong fitness because it’s the opposite of excess. Excess is rarely a healthy choice and mostly leads to burn-out, injury, or both. Relative to your strength, make exercise an effort but never a strain – if lifelong fitness is your objective.

CONSISTENCY refers to how faithful you are to your exercise habit over an extended period of time. If you start and stop repeatedly, you’ll lose the benefit from maximizing the potential of this factor. The passage of time is necessary for the advantages of consistency to be realized.

FREQUENCY can be used as a strategy to develop the strongest exercise habit possible. Your body doesn’t require daily frequency – but daily frequency is beyond good for an exercise habit. Most people think ‘days per week’ but ‘consecutive workout days’ is a better paradigm for creating a strong habit.

INTENSITY addresses an intellectual aspect of your workout, and does not refer to the physical difficulty of your workout. Your body may be able to do the hard work – but does your mind embrace the experience? Here intensity refers to your mental outlook. Intensity is a personal choice. Your psyche may require extreme intensity for twenty years or more, then suddenly that level of intensity could become too much. Be alert to when your taste for intensity changes. Many people simply drop their exercise habit. A good motto is ‘don’t dread, adjust instead.’

TIME spent per workout is an important variable. If your workout requires 30-60 minutes and you don’t have that much time for exercise every day, will you entirely skip on busy days? It’s not necessary to work out for one hour and it’s not necessary to have a solid block of time for working out.

Thirty seconds has a greater value than zero – can keep exercise on your mind and in your life. You’re right if you’re thinking thirty seconds daily wouldn’t really be enough to create overall fitness – if that’s all you ever progressed to – but that doesn’t mean it can’t help you keep your habit until your body and mind crave more exercise.

On the other hand, thirty seconds daily spent working the same muscle would actually be enough to bring visible results to that one muscle. If you think about it you’ll realize that you can capture thirty seconds here and there throughout your day and thereby turn otherwise wasted time into effective exercise. As your thirty-second intervals multiply so will your results.

Focus on what you can do – not on what you can’t do. Whatever works for you is what is right for you. There are so many ways of doing things. The real point is to do what’s within your power to create a lifelong fitness habit.

The McFit approach has worked for me for 51 consecutive years – so far.

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