Strength Training For Appearance: Icing On Your Cake?

There are so many choices for healthy exercise. There isn’t just one choice for keeping fit but certainly some choices are better for some purposes than others.

Adding strength training as an exercise staple in your life will create overall fitness for you but improved personal appearance will be icing on your cake. The older you get the more you’ll appreciate how targeted strength training can be.

Bone loss prevention is a major benefit of strength training. For this reason strength training may be more important for women than for men. Women are often afraid it will make them too muscular- but it won’t.

Strength training is ultra- adaptable to time, place, personal schedules, workout length, energy level, etc.

Over time, exercise frequency is far more important than workout length- because a higher frequency fortifies a habit and strong habits survive.

Just 30 seconds of daily strength training exercise can either get you started or keep your exercise habit going. Consistency- that comes from daily exercise habits- makes shorter workouts more valuable (effective). Even if you’re hanging on by a thread you’re still hanging on. Things could get better really soon.

Choose moderation and avoid extremes if your focus is on lifelong fitness.

Running or walking, along with strength training, are great choices for sustaining overall fitness- mainly because these choices are low cost and don’t depend upon anyone except you.

Fitness is a consciousness that can improve and expand with time. A first step is to set an intention to be fit. If your intention is genuine, behaviors that lead toward fitness will be the behaviors you’ll choose.

Participation in competitive sports can teach valuable lessons- but lifelong fitness isn’t really one of them. Why, you ask? Because the inherent association of losing, that’s unavoidable in competitive sports, has negative connotations, is discouraging for some people, and excess is often encouraged in order to win. In the game of life, being healthy is a superior way to be a winner.

In life, if you’re inclined to eat well and exercise the universe has blessed you with two priceless gifts.

Let moderation and consistency guide your exercise choices if you care to sustain lifelong fitness.

Read labels so you’ll know what you’re eating- if it doesn’t grow in a garden or you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t eat it. Try to follow at least a 90/10 rule for eating Mother Nature’s finest creations.

Success comes from learning what works for you. Find physical activity you can enjoy. Anything is better than absolutely nothing- provided it doesn’t lead to injury. Give strength training a try.

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