Two Traits Lead To Fitness: Opened Mind and Determination

Improved fitness is 100% achievable using two character traits: an opened mind and determination.

An opened mind erases excuses and will get you thinking outside of any rut. Determination finds a way not to quit. Your determination can be like an endlessly flowing river of energy.

Anyone can develop these character traits and learn to use determination and an opened mind to travel far along a fitness journey.

Ability to exercise is a heavenly gift. Exercise is not a punishment for being overweight. Skinny people need exercise too.

Logic tells us that if you want to change your body you must do something different from whatever it is that created the condition that now makes you unhappy. Instead of berating yourself for being out of shape or not meeting fitness goals, be understanding and kind and show yourself some love.

Make a decision: set an intention to find whatever it is that works for you so you can meet your fitness goals. Then don’t look back- except to learn from your mistakes or enjoy memories.

To focus on what you don’t like or how you hate exercise is little more than a way of hanging on to excuses. Instead of validating your well thought out excuses for what won’t work, direct your thought energy to search out what will work.

You may have acquired misconceptions about exercise, thinking you need to jump up and down and sweat for one hour. Review and revise your knowledge. Exercise can happen in bits and pieces of time throughout your day. Spend your thought energy searching for anything acceptable and tolerable for getting your exercise.

Some modes of exercise are more effective than others. For example, if you want toned arms your exercise choice will work your biceps. If you want strong abs you’ll include ab exercise. If you just want to exercise your respiratory system and burn some extra calories while relieving stress, you’ll do some aerobic exercise. But if you want to fundamentally change (improve) your metabolism you’ll include exercise that builds muscle, because muscle while at rest burns more calories than fat while at rest.

It’s safe to say that any amount of exercise (as little as 30 seconds) beats absolutely no exercise, provided it doesn’t lead to injury.

Regardless of how legit your excuses have been, there’s a way to exercise that can work for you. You need an opened mind to consider new choices. You need determination so that you won’t quit.

Are you out of excuses? Is it time to shut up (or “hush up” if “shut up” feels too harsh) and work out?

Regardless of your past struggles an opened mind and determination will serve you well to make exercise as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth. Ultimately you’ll find a way that works for you.

It’s either time for no more excuses or time to admit that you really don’t care if your body is out of shape

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