Your Exercise Plan: No Time? No Problem: Change Your Plan

No time for your exercise plan? No problem. Just change your plan.

Be proud of yourself for planning a trip to the gym. Be even prouder when you can’t make it to the gym but you overcome obstacles and implement an alternate plan. Any exercise is better than none- provided it’s not excessive.

Obstacles will appear. An opened mind will drive you to find exercise options that fit even your busiest day- when your primary plan won’t work.

The good news is you don’t need a gym to get a great workout. A gym provides more options for exercise choices than home workouts but you don’t need all those options included in every workout.

Home workouts are a top choice for sustaining your exercise habit. You can work out any time of the day, all at once or in bits and pieces, in private, for free.

Start with a floor and a few ideas. A floor can be used for strength exercises or stretching.

Use any room (laundry or kitchen) in your home and any increment of time: twenty seconds can get you started.

Push-ups (modified included), or jumping jacks are old-school and don’t require any equipment- or money spent.

Fitness videos could be a good choice. You could learn a few strength training movements on-line for free. With only two or three different sets of lightweight dumbbells, you’ll discover strength training movements that target large or small muscles of your body.

Home workouts are important because they eliminate obstacles that lead to skipping.

Keeping consecutively skipped workout days (regardless of the workout brevity) to a minimum is a primary strategy that will contribute to sustaining your lifelong exercise habit.

The more consecutive days you work out before taking a day off, regardless of the brevity of each workout, the stronger your workout habit will become. Strong habits survive.

The smallest amount of exercise (even just twenty seconds) is better than none because it will effectively keep your habit strong: you’ll keep exercise on your mind and in your life. To keep your habit strong, do everything you can to avoid taking more than one or two consecutive days off from working out.

Get into a groove with your routine.  But don’t act spoiled when you can’t have your way. Instead of skipping or quitting, make an adjustment. Adjustments are good- and to be expected.

Here’s an entirely different reason for changing your plan: your taste for intensity may change. Intensity is important, variable and personal. Too much intensity leads to injury or quitting. You could enjoy an intense routine for years- and then suddenly burn out or enjoy it no longer. Don’t dread. Adjust instead.

If you don’t have time for the exercise you’d planned, change what you’d planned to do. Then don’t be surprised to hear yourself saying “this feels so good.”

If you’re having trouble getting motivated, invite a family member or friend to join you. Remember that success is found by learning what works for YOU.

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